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Android Application Development Services

Employ our specialized android app development services to handle millions of customers across networks efficiently.

Shore Technology Group can deliver creative end-to-end Android apps for all platforms. From construction through design and research to product release and service, we provide future-oriented growth strategies. We will upgrade the app from inefficient systems to a modern application while offering the first-rate service to ensure maximum speed and productivity.


Android Application Development Services

MVP App Development

If you have limited capital and want to gain optimum ROI, begin with producing a minimum viable product (MVP). With MVP development, we build android apps with essential features as quickly as possible.

Bring Your App Idea to Life

If you have a clear idea of your app, let us optimize and create something creative and commercially viable.

Take Your App to the Next Level

Have you already created an Android app that needs improvement or modifications? Our team will bring your app to a higher standard efficiently and effectively.

Kotlin / Java application development services

We have experience in Kotlin and Java programming languages to help you build the needed applications from the ground up, refine, or relocate apps seamlessly.

Kotlin app development

Kotlin is a programming language authorized and supported by Google and is incredibly versatile and effective in serving a range of solutions that Android developers require. Using Kotlin's innovative features, we can create powerful but simplistic code to produce high-performance and productive applications.

Java app development

Java is an established language and it used to be the dominant language for creating Android applications throughout the industry. Google has been supporting Kotlin for the development of Android applications since 2017, with companies now transitioning Java-based android apps to Kotlin.

Android Application Features

Special features that we can implement into your Android apps

  • Offline mode

  • Gamification

  • Speech assessment / Automatic speech recognition

  • Speaker identification & verification

  • Augmented/ Virtual reality

  • Voice biometrics

  • Google Pay

  • NFC

  • Geolocation/ Navigation

  • Text-to-speech/ Speech-to-text

  • QR/Barcode scanning

Android Application Development

Industries we cater

We serve a wide range of industries with our migration and modernization services through years of experience and technical expertise. We help you enhance productivity, efficiency, agility, customer satisfaction and reduce costs by means of our solutions.


Our Workflow

Kick-Off Stage

  • Project comprehension

  • Requirement analysis

  • Team formation

  • Technical flow-mapping

  • Creating rough draft app design

Development Stage

  • Project road mapping

  • Progress status updates

  • Finalization and code review

  • Continuous QA and final testing

  • Deployment of your new app

App Monitoring and Support

  • Continuous monitoring of the server

  • Performing ‘’zero bug’’ inspections

  • Eradicating issues

Technologies We Use

Choose us for Android

Agile Android App Methodology

With agile Android software creation techniques, we're making it simple to quickly launch the application with a sleek and secure code.

Personalized Implementation

Our Android web app creation process helps you to configure your Google Play app or business network.

Knowledge of Design Guidelines

We have a deep understanding of architecture and software creation that allows us to keep up-to-date with the evolving app store requirements and market developments.

Expert Android Programmers

Our skilled, enthusiastic, and accomplished native app developers create tech art pieces that merge innovation and technology.

Adaptive App Solutions

We provide you with a versatile software solution that can quickly customize and incorporate third-party APIs to fulfill your specifications.

Exceptional Data and App Security


We implement best EMM (Enterprise mobility management) practices alongside integrated safety features to ensure that users and data stay safe from malware, hacks, and risks.

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