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Customized & manageable Wix website design and development solutions


Shore Technology Group is a leading provider of Wix website design and development services. We specialize in creating visually stunning and functionally robust Wix websites for a wide range of industries. Our team of Wix experts delivers bespoke designs, integrates advanced functionalities, and optimizes Wix platforms for superior performance. We focus on crafting user-centric Wix sites that enhance user engagement, streamline site management, and ensure scalability to meet your growing business needs.

Wix Technologies We Use

Our Wix team leverages cutting-edge technology to create top-tier, user-focused Wix websites that deliver tangible business results.

Wix Classic

Wix Classic is a cornerstone technology for website design, alongside other core elements. We utilize this platform to construct compelling and highly interactive websites. Our experienced Wix Classic designers craft customized solutions tailored to meet all your business requirements.


  • Enhanced User Engagement: Wix Classic allows for high levels of interactivity, making your site more engaging for visitors.

  • Streamlined Design Process: Quickly translate ideas into reality with Wix Classic’s user-friendly interface.

  • Rapid Deployment: Accelerate the development cycle with Wix Classic’s efficient tools.

  • Reduced Server Load: Wix Classic optimizes content delivery to minimize the demand on your servers.


Wix Velo

Wix Velo is an advanced development platform within Wix that enables the creation of powerful and highly customizable websites. Utilizing Wix Velo, we design and develop dynamic, data-driven sites specifically engineered to meet your business objectives. Our expert Wix Velo developers specialize in delivering tailored solutions that enhance site functionality and user interaction.


  • Dynamic Functionality: Wix Velo allows for the incorporation of sophisticated features and real-time data, enhancing website interactivity.

  • Custom Development: Tailor your site precisely with Wix Velo’s extensive coding capabilities, meeting unique business needs.

  • Faster Development Cycle: Accelerate your project timelines with Wix Velo’s integrated development environment.

  • Reduced Server Strain: Efficiently manage data and server demands, ensuring smoother performance and enhanced scalability.

Wix Studio

Wix Studio is a leading-edge platform for creating sophisticated and visually stunning websites. By integrating this powerful tool, we develop unique and engaging online experiences tailored to your specific business needs. Our team of skilled Wix Studio designers focuses on delivering customized, creative solutions that elevate your online presence.


  • Enhanced Creativity: Wix Studio offers advanced design features that boost the creative potential of your website.

  • Intuitive Design Interface: Simplify the design process with Wix Studio’s user-friendly tools, allowing for swift and effective website creation.

  • Quick Implementation: Streamline the development timeline with Wix Studio's efficient design functionalities.

  • Optimized Performance: Wix Studio ensures your website runs smoothly, reducing the load on servers and enhancing user experience.



Kick-Off Stage

  • Understanding the project scope

  • Analyzing the requirements

  • Team formation

  • Mapping of technical flow

  • Developing an initial prototype

Development Stage

  • Creating a project road map

  • Providing updates in project completion

  • Reviewing of code and confirmation

  • Continuous QA and final testing

  • Launching the Wix site

Maintenance and Support

  • Continuous monitoring of the server

  • Performing ‘’zero bug’’ inspections

  • Resolving any arising concerns

  • Wix support and maintenance

Our Approach to Wix Design and Development


Planning based on Users

Before beginning the Wix development task, our team conducts comprehensive testing and consumer analysis to determine needs, review click and heat maps for forecasting behavior and designing use cases.

Integrated Layout

Via our analysis and high-end production expertise, we present the project material in a simple and user-friendly manner. It helps users with differing surfing habits, usability criteria, and browsing behaviors to conveniently navigate their way and instantly complete actions.

Emphasis on Successful Results

Our expert team of Wix developers works in collaboration with our designers and UX/UI experts to create a robust website that delivers high-performance and effectively manages traffic.

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