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Backup and disaster recovery

Back up your files, Image your workstations and incorporate a disaster management plan to prevent unnecessary disruptions to your business.

Most organizations just do not have a backup and emergency recovery strategy or one that is rather unreliable and does not function in certain situations in the event of a server collapse or a disaster. Basic hard drive crashes or patch updates that have gone bad will quickly create chaos in a corporate environment and interrupt the business operations. Shore Technology Group provides a Disaster Recovery Certification Service for an unbiased verification of the existing backup and reconstruction strategy.

Our Solutions

The strategy established by the Shore Technology Group would be reported and checked to ensure continuity of activities and provision of essential services in the event of a disaster. The primary aim of our crisis management plan is to safeguard your organization in the case that any or more of its activities and/or information resources are made inaccessible.


Shore Technology Group can provide you services from Datto, one of our partners that specializes in Data Backup and Recovery and Business Continuity. Here are some of the extra features that Datto can provide:

  • File backups according to your schedule

  • Lost file retrieval fast and on the fly

  • Work from the cloud when hardware fails

  • Eliminate downtime due to disasters

  • Prevent against ransomware and other viruses

Barracuda Backup

Shore Technology Group also works with Barracuda Networks to provide many further data storage and recovery solutions. Barracuda Backup is a software-only approach that goes past routine services and provides safe hybrid local and cloud backup services that enable versatile, robust data security, accompanied by a clear price mechanism and a centralized management platform.

  • Quick, easy restoration

  • Increased VMware uptime

  • Security of virtual servers

  • Security standard of the server

  • Application-native replacement

  • Limitless devices, unlimited storage


How it works

After our initial meeting with your IT department, our staff will provide you with a comprehensive recovery plan personalized to your business. You should apply our techniques yourself at this stage and make us come back and certify that it has been completed correctly. Until you're finished, you'll realize the backups are done as needed. Restoration operations should be carried out within the time limits stated in the backup and restoration plan and the results satisfy the company criteria as defined in your backup and restoration plan.

Testing and monitoring the plan

Equipment fails, software has errors, so ongoing monitoring and testing of your backup plan is a high priority. Shore Technology Group provides validation methods to be used to ensure that data and settings are appropriately backed up and available for restoration. This would include periodic audits throughout the year and test restorations.

Server Crashes! Now what?

Since you have our certified plan in place and everything is now detailed and documented, downtime will be minimized & staff will continue to work while restoration is in place. Data files can be restored from offsite backup to other machines to continue working. Client files are readily available from network attached storage devices, and your server can be fixed or restored as quick as possible to get you backup online fast.

Our Data Backup and Recovery Certification

  • We will evaluate your current network infrastructure and data backup methods.

  • We will test your disaster recovery plans if they exist.

  • We will provide detailed documentation and recommendations to you and your company that can be put into place to ensure a solid secure backup.

  • An emergency binder will be provided that includes all software, backup locations & recovery strategies to restore a single file or a complete system.

  • We suggest that this certification is renewed once per year to adjust for updates to your system and network.

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for business


Thorough backup and retrieval of data

With backup and restore solutions, the data are preserved in a protected location that you can manage 24/7. In the event of an occurrence, you can recover data in minutes with minimal impact to your company.

Acceptable prices for backups

We are happy to give our customers a full variety of backup and recovery pricing choices. You may opt to pay-as-you-go, pay in advance, or pay for your use. We still do not lock costly long-term contracts or bill for features that are not included among our customers.

Enhanced backup protection

Cloud computing systems and other recovery solutions boast sophisticated encryption capabilities. This can involve digital signatures, sophisticated encryption, and several layers of identity verification.

Improved competitive edge

Thanks to our services, essential data can be downloaded and utilized without a hard disk. In comparison, the clients won't have to think about data threats. This would give you a strategic advantage and give you great customer experience.

Long term savings

Backup and recovery tools allow you to preserve and retrieve information without any need for on-site hardware. In the long term, this will save you a considerable sum.

Less computing space and bandwidth

Backup and recovery technologies aim to reduce disk capacity and bandwidth. This results in better network capacity and reduced data costs.

Rapid recovery

The best solutions for recovery enable users to swiftly identify and restore data. This helps reduce downtime and keeps your business on track.

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