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Providing you with next-level user interface designs

We help you optimize customer experience by intuitive, user-friendly and immersive designs. Our team of experts at Shore Technology Group design practical and high-performance web applications that are compatible across all categories of platforms and browsers.

Front-End Technologies We Use

Our front-end development business chooses state-of-the-art technology to provide highly productive, efficient and user-oriented front-end development services that provide real-time business returns.


JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS, is the most established technology for front-end development. We use a mixture of these environments to create immersive online applications. . Our skilled and seasoned JavaScript developers design tailored solutions to suit all your business needs.


  • Improved interactivity

  • Simple compilation

  • Quick development

  • Minimized usage demands on the servers



Angular is a Google application that expresses design. It is typically used for the production of large-scale businesses. If you want to create large-scale enterprise web ventures, Angular is the best option. Our front-end software designers incorporate Angular.js and Angular, if applicable, to deliver cutting edge products.


  • Typescript

  • Maintenance

  • Fast growth

  • Great for large-scale market growth

  • Reliable code


React JS

React is a requirement for modern-day front-end creation. Production of React.JS is quick and its library helps to improve the user interface. We use React.js for saving, upgrading and analyzing loads of data as necessary and for its quality considering the scale of the load.


  • Fast growth

  • Outstanding flexibility

  • Very reactive UI

  • Expansion capabilities


Vue JS

If you want front-end development for a startup, Vue.js is a perfect choice as it works for both small and large scale development projects and is a universal solution.


  • Easy integration

  • Accessible to developers

  • Effective scale and efficiency

  • Specialized



Kick-Off Stage

  • Understanding the project scope

  • Analyzing the requirements

  • Team formation

  • Mapping of technical flow

  • Developing an initial prototype

Development Stage

  • Creating a project road map

  • Providing updates in project completion

  • Reviewing of code and confirmation

  • Continuous QA and final testing

  • Launching the app

Maintenance and Support

  • Continuous monitoring of the server

  • Performing ‘’zero bug’’ inspections

  • Resolving any arising concerns

  • App support and maintenance

Our Approach to Front-end Development

Planning based on Users

Before beginning the front-end development task, our team conducts comprehensive testing and consumer analysis to determine needs, review click and heat maps for forecasting behavior and designing use cases.

Integrated Layout

Via our analysis and high-end production expertise, we present the project material in a simple and user-friendly manner. It helps users with differing surfing habits, usability criteria, and browsing behaviors to conveniently navigate their way and instantly complete actions.

Emphasis on Successful Results

Our expert team of front-end developers works in collaboration with our back-end programmers and UX/UI programmers to create a robust software infrastructure that delivers high-performance and effectively manages increased loads.

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