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Web App Development Services

Integrate our experience in web app development to drive your digital transformation.

Shore Technology Group is a personalized web application development firm, we adhere to the digital technology demands of a wide variety of industries. We customize our services to your particular specifications after performing a thorough market review. We will overcome the technological problems by leveraging the strength of information, experience and abilities.

Development from scratch

From the outset, we create custom mobile applications and align apps with your current environments and frameworks.

Development for existing web apps

To comprehend your existing web application, our team of specialists will study your code and conduct a QA audit. This helps us to decide which software stack best suits your unique development needs.

What we develop

From enterprise to e-commerce apps, consumer applications and more, we guarantee vital and creative app services that bring superior value to your firm and give you a competitive advantage. Our web app development includes:

  • SaaS apps

  • Business apps

  • Ecommerce apps

  • Cloud-Based apps

  • Third-party apps

  • Product apps

web application and custom software development

Our Web App Development Services

Single Page Web Applications (SPAs)

Reap the benefits of our single-page web app creation tools for the most enticing and powerful one-page interface. Custom made single-page web apps offer users an outstanding, seamless and safe user interface. Our team designs and builds immersive single-page applications to ensure better cross-browser accessibility and responsiveness. SPAs are the best choice for designing complex networks that require small data volumes.

Why Single Page App Development

  • Streamlined user experience

  • Minimal page loading time

  • Faster reloading request process

  • Dynamic page content loading

  • Increased accessibility for the end-users

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Incorporate the best functionality of both online and smartphone apps to prevent unnecessary update and installation processes. Our web app development services merge our deep expertise in web and mobile app development with sophisticated web application development technologies to offer high-quality and user-friendly services. PWA development is the ideal solution if you're looking for an inexpensive and realistic alternative to the traditional iOS, web and Android native applications.

Why Progressive Web App Development

  • Highly versatile

  • Ability to use it offline by using the cached pages

  • App-like interface

  • Easy installation

  • Compatible with the latest browsers


Kick-Off Stage

  • Understanding the project scope

  • Analyzing the requirements

  • Team formation

  • Mapping of technical flow

  • Developing an initial prototype

Development Stage

  • Creating a project road map

  • Providing updates in project completion

  • Reviewing of code and confirmation

  • Continuous QA and final testing

  • Launching the app

Maintenance and Support

  • Continuous monitoring of the server

  • Performing ‘’zero bug’’ inspections

  • Resolving any arising concerns

  • App support and maintenance

Technologies We Use

Industries we cater

We serve a wide range of industries with our migration and modernization services through years of experience and technical expertise. We help you enhance productivity, efficiency, agility, customer satisfaction and reduce costs by means of our solutions.


Why Hire Us

Business Expansion

You can quickly scale your business operations using our adaptable solutions.

Cost-effective Solution

We provide budget-friendly solutions to make your business processes efficient and financially viable.

Agile Process

We opt for an agile approach to our software development processes, which provides a reliable framework.

Experienced Team

We offer our clients valuable insight from our accomplished and skilled team of experts.

Stunning Design

Our design philosophy focuses on giving our clients a streamlined user experience.

High Code Quality

We ensure full compliance with industry standards of quality to provide you with a cutting edge solution that aids your business’s core operations.

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