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Legacy Modernization Services

Leverage Your Existing Systems for Greater Efficiency and Performance

Although legacy systems and applications may provide critical support for business activities, their inflexible architecture and closed environments can hinder productivity, innovation, and adaptability as requirements evolve. For continuous improvement, you need to adapt your legacy infrastructure to meet modern security, performance, and stability standards to ensure that your organization can benefit from the latest technology and respond to market changes quickly. Benefit from our comprehensive expertise to energize your digital transformation with our full suite of legacy software modernization services.

Benefits of Legacy Modernization

Scalability and Functionality

You can achieve greater scalability and enhanced functionality by migration or modernization of your existing infrastructure into a microservice model.

Protection and Security

Bring greater security and protection to critical infrastructure and vital data to defend against modern threats and newly emerging risk factors.

Cost Optimization and Efficiency

Enhance your business performance with more speed, efficiency, and lower costs through our legacy systems modernization services.

Engaging User Experience

Bring a more engaging and rewarding user experience to your clients to fast-track your compliance and growth.

Optimization and Maintenance

Untangle dependencies, seek vulnerabilities, and refactor your legacy system code with our maintenance services at an equitable cost.

Reduction in TCO

Moving your legacy systems to a modernized platform lowers the total cost of ownership, enabling you to avoid vendor contracts.


Our Legacy Modernization Services

We help your business transform your digital inventory through efficient modernization services. We focus on speed and optimization to cut unnecessary operational costs, reduce your capital spending, and free-up your IT staff for other innovative initiatives.

Legacy Modernization Consulting

Our team undertakes an in-depth analysis of your existing IT infrastructure to prioritize the aspects that require immediate attention. We then deliver an actionable strategy while considering all your requirements and future contingencies.

  • Comprehensive audit of IT infrastructure

  • Rationalization of app portfolio

  • Technology consulting

  • Reporting with BI insights

  • Roadmap for legacy modernization

Migration of Legacy Systems

From moving legacy systems to new platforms or scaling your existing operations to meet the modern business landscape requirements, we can help with each aspect of your digital transformation initiative with swift efficiency.


  • Replatforming of legacy apps

  • Migration of relational database to NoSQL

  • Migration of legacy solutions to modern languages

  • Continuous post-migration support

End-to-End Quality Assurance

Leverage our extensive expertise to ensure that your solutions remain stable and behave exactly as expected at all scales of deployment with our Quality Assurance services.

  • Quality code checking

  • Unit testing and integration

  • Ready-to-go framework automation

  • Data migration testing

  • Security testing

Software Re-Engineering

Through our extensive expertise, we help transform your legacy systems into state-of-the-art infrastructure that brings efficiency and superior operability.

  • Legacy codebase refactoring

  • Reverse engineering in the absence of source code

  • Design and specification authoring

  • System components rewriting

  • Restructuring and re-architecture of legacy algorithms to microservices

Migration to the Cloud

Migrate critical IT infrastructure and sensitive data to the cloud to benefit from greater flexibility and more agile workstreams that support enhanced integration and accessibility for exceptional elasticity, speed, and unlimited scalability with superior computing capability.

  • Discovery and analysis

  • Development strategy

  • Planning

  • Execution

How Does It Work?

We can reduce operational costs and capital investment through a streamlined and well-planned approach while bringing your legacy systems up to date through our industry-leading services.

  • Identification of system gaps

  • Identification of system capacity

  • Identification of issues

  • Analysis of needs

  • Decision finalization

  • Execution

Industries we cater

We serve a wide range of industries with our migration and modernization services through years of experience and technical expertise. We help you enhance productivity, efficiency, agility, customer satisfaction and reduce costs by means of our solutions.


Why choose us?

Optimized Service Model

Our progressive approach enables us to tackle single issues at once, making it easier for our team to optimize one component at a time, cautiously moving through your entire infrastructure, until the solutions are applied. We begin with the removal or replacement of the most problematic parts to minimize operational downtime and prevent disruptions.

Full System Integration

Cluttered systems pose risks to data and are susceptible to external threats. We streamline your IT systems and integrate redundant components into a single framework to ensure efficiency and security for your vital resources.

Data Security and Protection

We ensure the preservation of critical data and sensitive information through our sophisticated approach to the modernization of your legacy IT systems that respect your business's requirements.

Workflow Automation

Our legacy modernization services help in automating your workflow, optimizing processes, and consolidating activities. This reduces time spent on systems management and tedious work while enhancing your focus.

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