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Hosted Voice Solutions

Convert your communication system into a low-expense, sales-driving unit. Phones System for Business is our specialty!

The Shore Technology Hosted Voice platform is a full business communications and support system. We're offering an enterprise-grade VoIP network. Implemented from the cloud, it works in tandem with your expansion and takes your company further. Plan better with our hosted voice technologies that can bind your business and your employees to the future.

How Does Hosted PBX Work?

A PBX, or a private branch exchange, is a commercial telecommunications system. PBX applications provide functions such as call queuing, extension numbers, voicemail, and more. These attributes are driven by a dynamic hardware framework that has to be managed and supported by IT specialists.

Unlike standard PBX, the hosted PBX service is vastly different in a meaningful way. You have just as many functions, but we're handling the hardware system for you. Your phones are not directly connected to an internal phone system. They link to the cloud privately hosted by our VoIP servers. A hosted digital PBX service offers you all the privileges of a PBX without any issues.

Advantages over Traditional Phone Service

Merged Communications

By placing your phones, add-on services, internet access, and data on a common network, you can enable increased team coordination, easier fault detection, better staff engagement, and improved customer retention through accountability.

Versatility and Scalability

With the Shore Technology Hosted VoIP solution, we can quickly connect telephone lines within minutes. The versatility and scalability of VoIP is suitable for businesses with seasonal variations in hiring or fast-growing companies.


The Mobility function allows workers to use their Company phone number to send or receive calls on a wide variety of computers, such as smartphones, laptops or laptop PCs. This enables employees to benefit from unrestricted long-distance calls through the digital telephone system while working from a remote location, which in turn actively cuts costs.

Increase in Output

Hosted VoIP and Centralized Communications networks make a major contribution to increasing efficiency. As a result, with less time invested handling PBX device interactions, people will concentrate on activities that relate to business objectives.


Hosted VoIP Features

Hosted VoIP offers all the essential call center features. From call queues to auto attendants, it provides everything your team needs:

Over 40 calling features let you perform like a big business

  • Automated attendant answers and routes every call

  • Hunt groups ring multiple people at once to help ensure no call goes unanswered

  • Use Outlook to make calls from your desk phone

  • Unlimited calling in the U.S.

  • Conferencing, call forwarding, music-on-hold (see “Features” section for full list)

Preserve capital, simplify management

  • Flat per-user monthly pricing cuts capital investment

  • No phone system hardware or software to buy

  • No wiring to install. Uses your existing data wiring and Internet connection

  • Web-based management tool makes moves, adds and changes simple

  • More reliable than an on premises phone system

Mobility lets you do your job from any location

  • Follow Me automatically forwards calls to mobile phones and other numbers, or rings multiple numbers at the same time

  • Voicemail-to-email helps ensure messages get through faster

  • Forward and manage faxes and voicemails just like email messages

System Features

  • Voicemail

  • Auto Attendant

  • Call Routing

  • Caller ID

  • Follow Me Forwarding

  • Custom Hold Music

  • Direct Inbound Dialing (DID)

  • Message Waiting Indication

  • Multi Call Appearance

  • Click-to-Call

  • Desktop Console

  • Hunt Groups

  • ACD/Call Queuing

  • Daylight Savings Time

  • Day/Night/Holiday Switching

Phone Features

  • Call Forward/ Call Hold/ Call Recording

  • Speakerphone

  • Call Log/ Call Transfer/ Call Waiting

  • 3-way Conferencing

  • Do Not Disturb/Mute

  • Headset Jack (RJ11)

  • On Hook Dialing

  • Busy Call Forward

  • Directed Call Pickup

  • Phone Book (400 Entries)

  • Phone Lock/Unlock

  • Speed Dial

  • All Page/Intercom

  • Overhead Paging

  • Call Park and Pickup

  • Inbound Caller Name

  • Desktop Softphone

Benefits of Shore Technology Group Hosted VoIP Service

Fast and Simple Launch of Enterprise

Your Hosted Voice Solution for your business can be fully operational very quickly, helping you develop and manage your business efficiently and comfortably.

Regular Updating and Repair without any cost

no installation or maintenance expenses are incurred. Since we manage everything you're always up to date with the latest features & technology.

Cost-effective company procedure

In addition to low monthly cost options, our hosted VoIP service is accessible without needing to spend money on your own network, allowing you to focus on both initial capital and continuing operational expenses.

24×7 Managed Servers

Our professionally qualified engineers work around the clock to guarantee unparalleled service for your business. We’re always happy to address your questions and resolve any issues in a timely manner.

No Burden of Software Servicing & Management

Shore Technology Group manages your voice system will be available for all sorts of assistance. This is advantageous as it will save time, and help you focus on the core business activities.

Sustainable Business Growth

By eliminating routine business expenses such as staffing, system updates and repairs, Shore Technology Hosted VoIP Service provides companies with significantly reduced average ownership costs.

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