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File Sharing and Collaboration Services

Protected communication with anybody, anytime, on any platform.

Cloud computing infrastructure is evolving into an advanced space for collaboration. The collection, exchange and synchronization of data is essential to the cloud storage provider. The ShareSync solution from Shore Technology Group is packed with all the new technical developments to deliver credible enterprise solutions.

What is ShareSync?

ShareSync is a corporate-level content sharing network that enables comprehensive access to information through lPC, web and mobile framework connectivity, advanced communication workflows, data recovery, 3rd party business software integration – all backed by business-grade encryption and data-privacy infrastructure.

Accessible security

Safeguarding confidential data in the cloud is a major concern. That's why we're delivering sophisticated access controls, smart threat identification, and robust information management. But we recognize that your requirements don't end there. We also provide stringent confidentiality of data.

Seamless cooperation

Your company relies on the cooperation of a lot of individuals, from colleagues to clients to partners and suppliers. Get everybody on the same page with a common location to collaborate together quickly on the most critical material. And you can expect to have reassurance that it's all safe.

Streamlined workflow

Operating on automatic, inefficient procedures loses hours every day. So let someone automate the replicable workflows that are essential to your company, such as HR recruitment and contract monitoring and digital financial services.


Secure collaboration for every department in your organization


Accelerate financial preparation and automate spending and project administration in order to accelerate business expansion.


Build a single content center for quick communication between agencies and digital asset management to get to the market quicker.


Manage product ideas and encourage a mobile sales team to boost sales process and complete more transactions.


Consolidate scrum notes and simplify spec analysis processes to create the right goods and services.


Optimize training and on-boarding to provide the best experience for recruits and staff.


Safe confidential documents such as IP filings and speed up M&A cycles to remain compliant and manage risk.

ShareSync Features for IT Administrators


  • Manage everything through HostPilot® control panel

  • Get full access with comprehensive Admin File Management

  • Remotely wipe ShareSync data from any device

  • Use File Server Sync to mobilize file server files


  • Automatically backup files

  • File archive retrieval

  • Protection against viruses with Bitefinder

  • Different levels of encryption

  • Complete policy management for devices, retention and access

  • Technical administrators can execute a remote wipe

Sharesync Modes

You can choose between two mutually exclusive modes in ShareSync Windows client:

File Syncing Mode

  • Manage everything through HostPilot® control panel

  • Get full access with comprehensive Admin File Management

  • Remotely wipe ShareSync data from any device

  • Use File Server Sync to mobilize file server files

File Streaming Mode

  • All content in your ShareSync cloud will not connect to your device. Instead all documents will be available in Windows Explorer even though they are not saved to your system

  • The contents of the file can only be retrieved on request when you press to open a file. This helps you to see and view a lot of files without having to import any of them to your system

  • Pick this method if your hard drive cannot make it easy to merge all the files you need to reach, or if you don't need to reach your files when you're disconnected

  • Streaming ensures that you can only view the files when you are linked to the Internet. Only My ShareSync folder operates in file streaming mode, while other user account files also work in file syncing mode


Why Choose ShareSync?

ShareSync Features

  • Many methods to safely access data: Online access, Sync, Remote Drive, Smartphone Apps, Outlook Add-on

  • Personal dropbox as a link for staff and associates

  • Replacement for VPN and FTP

Easily align with current IT frameworks

  • Works on network shares, Active Directory, NTLM SSO

  • Fully integrated with current NTFS file permissions

  • Strong APIs to build into the company operations

Get complete access, privacy and protection

  • Keep data in your business, maintain complete control of the data

  • Full audit ability to conform with the regulations (HIPAA, HITECH & FINRA)

  • Total authority over file sharing between staff, suppliers, clients, etc.

Secure vital business information

  • Effective tools for handling customers, computers, activities

  • Secure your data with endpoint backup and versioning

  • Prevent data leakage using advanced mobile erase/block functionality

Increase your ROI

  • Utilize your latest investment in IT infrastructure

  • Best deal between file sharing solutions

  • All inclusive pricing including app upgrades and maintenance

Personalize to represent the company's image

  • Highly usable, flexible multi-purpose architecture

  • Excellent customization choices, like smartphone customization, to create the identity of your company

  • Optimal for IT service providers and value-added resellers

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