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Dedicated Development Teams

Leverage our Dedicated Team Model to drive productivity and transparency on your projects by selecting your preferred team from highly experienced professionals.

We offer a dedicated team model that provides a quick turnaround for businesses that want to combine their native teams and resources with specialized external teams for their development needs. This process can be modified to meet individual requirements and offers inherent scalability and security. This model helps to retain complete control over the project and reduces development costs and time-to-market while staying true to the vision, milestones and deadlines you have set.

Why does it work?


As the hiring and recruitment process is eliminated when using this model, it results in greater transparency in terms of costs and delivers an experienced dedicated team that possesses the required skill set for your business needs.

Skilled Experts

With this model, you can create a balanced combination of individuals having hard and soft skills from our pool. This allows you to create the ecosystem best suited for your development needs.

Tailored Management

From selecting the tech stack to designating a strategy, you are in complete control of the entire process when you choose our dedicated team model, allowing more significant transparency and a more informed approach to each partnership.

Individual Requirements

From selecting individuals that match your requirements to allowing faster short-listing of potential candidates, the dedicated team model gives more freedom to your business. You can evaluate candidates based on experience and expertise and manage the team size according to your specific requirements.

Project Management

To allow your company to manage the project more effectively, we offer a dedicated account manager at no additional cost. You can also choose to add a dedicated project manager at reasonable rates for the project. These individuals will provide data-driven support and bring more confidence to the project through efficient handling of the development process.

Reporting and Monitoring

We provide analytics and reporting for each project in terms of cost, development process, milestones, and achievements to strengthen the long-term relationship we create with each client. This leaves no room for error and allows each project to be handled with integrity and honesty. Some of the reports that you can authorize include: Daily Progress Reports, Weekly Progress Reports, Monthly Reports, Sprint Reports (For SCRUM Projects), QA Sign-Off Reports.


Select your service model

Based on the specific requirements for your company, you can pick one of the service models mentioned below:

Outsourcing All Functions

By handling all aspects of the development process, this model allows your company to expand its capabilities by outsourcing all activities to a dedicated team. This includes management of costs with comprehensive reporting and communication for the entire development process.

Outsourcing Selected Functions

If you prefer to select a set of functions that require support from the external team, you can select this model and choose a team designed by you. You can incorporate your native teams for an efficient development process for each project.

How Does It Work?


  • Needs & Requirements Analysis

  • Scope Definition, Expertise Mapping

  • Candidate Screening and Team Selection


  • Team Setup

  • Environment, Tools, Infrastructure Setup

  • Process and Methodology Definition

  • Communication Processes Establishment

  • Project Kick-Off


  • Operation Review and Adjustment

  • Maximum Productivity Achieved and Maintained

  • Team Size Adjustment (Scale-Up/Down)

  • Knowledge Accumulation & Sharing

Our Dedicated Development Team

Everyone in our talent pool possesses in-depth knowledge and experience related to their domain. The allocation of our talent pool according to capabilities is as follows:

Our Developers




Our Talent Pool

Project Managment

Business Analysis

Quality Assurance


Our Tech Stack


Why Choose Us?

Through our services, you can eliminate risks and issues to ensure a predictable and efficient development process with measurable results and a sure-fire development cycle.

Transparency and Control

With the benefit of daily reporting and open communication, you can monitor progress and evaluate performance through regular demonstrations and clearly defined KPIs.

Team Flexibility

Our talent pool is comprised of individuals that possess top-tier expertise to fulfill the requirements of your projects. Our team is always available and ready to deliver their services quickly.

Predictability and Support

Every stage of the project cycle is supported by seamless communication and full visibility through reporting and efficient management.

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